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"They say that when the moon is covered by clouds, the stars are, too."

"I think you might still be a sibylla, even now"

You can find my graphics (mostly anime icons) at zephyrrose13 :)

I've finally decided to use my journal after years of being a member of the site, so here's the rundown on me:

- I'm a 17 year old girl
- I enjoy cooking, though I'm a novice at it, and I cook exclusively vegetarian food
- I'm most likely a homoromantic asexual (read: lesbian in romantic terms only), so if anybody's not comfortable with that, friending me might not be the best idea as it'll probably come up in my entries
- My current fandom is the anime Simoun (<3), favorite characters are Anubituf and Guragief though I love almost all of them
- I get very attached to my fandoms
- Occasionally I write fanfic
- I adore my friends and family <3

Anime I like:
- Simoun
- Maria-sama ga Miteru
- Aoi Hana
- Blue Drop
- Utena
- Clannad
- Kimi ni Todoke
And others.