Obligatory first post

It feels weird making a first post after years of being on a site, but...yeah.  I've finally decided maybe I should keep a personal journal on here, seeing's livejournal.  It might flop and I might stop posting, but..yeah.  I'll try.  Possible things I'll post: Random IRL stuff, fandom stuff, serious rants, excitement-induced capslock, updates on my cooking (I've recently begun to learn from my mom, so I might post pictures of food we make or something)...and according to chibirachy , should I ever not know what to post, I should ponder the sky's color, so you might want to be prepared for that. 

Other than this entry this journal will probably be friends-only, so if anybody comes across this post in the future, just comment here to be added.  A bit about why you're adding me would be nice, but I'll probably add everybody, I just want to know who's reading this journal since it might get a bit personal.  Or it might not.  Who knows.

(I am so editing this rambly entry after I make several journal posts and decide what I'm actually USING my lj for XD).

I'm going to go add some info on myself to my profile now, so anybody who's ever curious about can go there to find stuff out.  The basics:  I'm female, I'm 17, and...go to my profile for my interests.
If anybody comes here wanting to know about my graphics, all of my icons are posted at [info]zephyrrose13